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Area Code and Exchange (608) 544 in Wisconsin

Exchange Code 544 for Area Code 608 covers the city of Prairie du Sac, Sauk County in the State of Wisconsin. It is centered at N 43º 17' 12.96", W 89º 43' 26.44". This Exchange Code was introduced on 4 February 1994 and is designated as being used for Landline telephones.

This Exchange covers telephone numbers ranging from (608) 544-0000 to (608) 544-9999.

In this Exchange Code there are 1 telephone numbers that have been the subject of complaints to the FCC and 2 telephone numbers that our research shows belong to legitimate businesses.

Technical Information for Exchange (608) 544

NPA/Area Code: 608
NXX/Exchange Code: 544
City: Prairie du Sac
County: Sauk
State: Wisconsin
Rate Center: WITWEN
OCN: 0886
Time Zone: CST
DST Observed:
Exchange Status: Active
NXX Use Type: Landline
NXX Intro Date: 4 February 1994
Latitude: 43.2869331
Longitude: -89.7240116
New NPA:
LATA: 354
FIPS: 55111
CBSA Code: 12660
Number Pooling: Yes
CBSA Name: Baraboo, WI


Number Pooling in Exchange (608) 544

The initial set up of an Exchange was to have all 10,000 numbers (0000 - 9999) for a particular Rate Center allocated to the same local exhange carrier. With the advent of multiple carriers, allocating each one of them their own Exchange Code would be inefficient and soon use up the available number pools for a particular area. To counter this, some exchanges are split into blocks of 1,000 numbers, which can each be allocated to individual carriers. This cuts down on wasted numbers that aren't allocated as each carrier has a smaller pool available.

Number Pooling is activated in Exchange 608-544 and the following thousand blocks are currently assigned to carriers.

Telephone numbers subject to FCC Complaints in Exchange (608) 544 1

Below is the 1 telephone number that is subject to complaints to the FCC in this Exchange Code.

(608) 544-5856

This number has been the subject of 1 complaint to the FCC.

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Businesses and other Entities in Exchange (608) 544 2

Below are details of all of the legitimate businesses and other entities that we have identified within this Exchange Code.

(608) 544-3533

Registered to MARIE R JOHNSON 164753-30 in PLAIN.

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(608) 544-4404


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